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Information Technology Services


Training: Computer technology changes ever day, making it confusing for most people to learn the latest programs.  At M.S. Design we can assist you or your company with the latest programs.  Weather its from turning on the computer to installing your own own software, M.S. Design can help.  Just let us know what program or operating system you need to learn and we will be at your side. 



Installation: After establishing your technology plans, M.S. Design can install your new hardware and software. We configure your systems to meet your needs and remove the unnecessary items to make your system operate better. We can update your old machine to run like a new machine.



Management: Software changes. Hardware changes. Updates are released. Picking out the right system can be hard with all the new computers out let us help you choose right one.  From buying the right mouse pad to a server.  M.S. Design keeps you informed of these changes and implements the ones necessary for you. 



Troubleshooting: Not everything is perfect and this definitely applies to computers. Problems can occur through no fault of your own. M.S. Design can identify and solve the computing problems you have so that you can get back to work using your computer.

This is how we organized the start menu.

View technology headlines at MSNBCCogan McNabola & Dolan
Chicago, Illinois

Cogan McNabola & Dolan needed help with their old machines.  They also want me to setup their computers to make it easier to use.  I trained them on some programs and them buy new equipment to make it easier to use.  We are still working with them.

IT Services:
Orginized start menu, Updating system, Training, Management



Dan Trainor
Chicago, IL

Dan want to learn how to use his new computer.  We help him out with email, internet browsing, saving, and teaching him the thinks he need to know.  We also helped him pick out a nice printer, copier, scanner.  We installed it and showed him how to use it.  Now he is buying multiple items on ebay.

IT Services:
Organizing start menu, Updating system, Training, Management


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